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Look closely in the mirror, who do you see?
I see my old self with wet eyes and make up coming off.
You creep up behind me I jump and slap your hand.
You put your hands around me slowly.

I try to move out of your grip, I skirm more you tighten.
I close my eyes then open again then your gone.
I look on my bed there is a rose a lonely rose.
I left it up around it is a dark purple ribbon with a ring on it.

The window next to my bed is open, the cold breeze comes in.
My hair flies with the wind.
The rain begins pouring in I don't care I'm going to die anyway.
Listen as the tin roof begins to bend.

This truly is the end.
The end is near.
Your to near to me.
Leave me alone stop haunting me.
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September 13, 2009
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